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May 9, 2017

We Bought Our Mom a Snake For Mother's Day

Posted by: Nancy Skee

When my sister Jo and I were kids, maybe 9 and 11, we disobeyed our parents so we could sneak over to Topps Discount Store and buy the most beautiful gift a parent could ever want. I'm pretty sure it was a Mother's Day because we had some walking to do and I don't remember the weather being bad, but it could have been Easter. I just know that it was such a grand purchase and it was a very special celebration.

Topps was kind of like a Kmart, and back in the '60s is was a pretty great thing. It was within walking distance of  Community (kind of like a Walmart) where my parent were driving out to do some shopping. Jo and I had saved a couple of  dollars between us and wanted to buy something big to help express our Mother's Day love. We were allowed to walk through the store by ourselves, but warned not to leave the place. That was great, but Community didn't have what we wanted, so we took the hike to the better discount store.

That's where we found the beautiful snake. It was six feet long, yellow and fuzzy, and stuffed with some cheap scrunchy stuffing that would allow the proud owner to coil it up, stretch it out, or even shape it into a heart. It had big white plastic eyes with painted on pupils, and the snake had a blue bow around it's "neck." It was so big and fun - we had enough money to get it.

After paying, we lugged it back over to Community where our parents were. Since we weren't supposed to have been sneaking out of the place, we asked the cashier for a store bag and ditched the one that had Topps printed on it. Now they would never know we'd left the store. So clever of of us! Don't ever think your kids aren't devious.

On the Great Day we put the beautiful snake of their beautiful bed and waited for my mother's cries of happiness. I'm sure she thanked us, but I was to too wrapped up with petting the snake and adjusting it's bow and straightening out its eyes to and wrapping it around me to really notice anything. I do recall my father, though, saying something like, "I think you bought that for yourselves," which I vehemently denied. It did eventually find its home in the room my sister and I shared. Don't judge: I know there are many of you out there who blessed your mom with gifts you wanted!

Here's the thing. If you're old enough to read this, you're likely old enough to get your mom something better than a snake or a Fidget thing for Mother's Day. Really. Go get some flowers, or a gift certificate for dinner someplace so she doesn't have to cook (that's like money in the bank!), or tickets to a show, or a massage, or my favorite pick - some time by herself, a night away! I didn't remember how refreshing it could be to leave everything behind until I had that little stint in Dallas. To step away for even a night or two was a total reset.

It's not too late to book this weekend for your mom at Olde Square Inn.  I had a gentleman call to reserve a room for his wife. He asked if there was a special Mother's Day breakfast or if we just served bagels. ??!!! What?!! If you've ever had breakfast here, you know he won't be disappointed. (And of course we're serving mimosas for Mother's Day, but don't tell him. It's a surprise!)

If Mom can't make it away this weekend, you can get a gift certificate on-line and she can choose the room and the weekend she wants.  If you prefer, you can call me at 717-653-4525 and I can help you with that. Either way, I think you're past the point of fuzzy yellow snakes. I'm looking forward to welcoming your mom - or your lovely wife - for a snake-free, relaxing and refreshing stay. Happy Mother's Day! See you soon.

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