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July 10, 2018

Just Say "Cheese!" Cheese Grits - A Guest Chef Video Recipe

Posted by: Nancy Skee

Just Say

Grits? Grit? In the singular, one definition is “the power of passion and perseverance”.  Add an “s” and you have something entirely different: a delicious part of breakfast or anytime treat.

I understand, though. One’s taste for grits can be similar to one’s taste for cilantro – either you love it or you hate it. I personally despise cilantro, but love grits. Plain grits, grits with butter, shrimp grits, and now my new favorite – cheese grits.

Today's Video Guest Chef Randy, a frequent visitor along with his wife Becky, actually manned the stove and made breakfast for our other guests one of the mornings he was here. He must have done a great job, because at check out time, one groups asked if "the cook" would take their picture. Love it!

Join us in this video demonstration of how to make grits. I know you'll love them, too!


Cheese Grits


2 c. chicken broth (Preferably unsalted - there’s plenty of salt in the cheese)

1 cloves of garlic, minced or pushed through a garlic press

1/8 t.  (or a pinch) of cayenne pepper

1 T butter

Dash of tobacco sauce (optional)

A few cranks of coarsely ground pepper

1/2 c. instant grits (Ratio is always 1:4 – grits:broth)

3/4 c. shredded cheddar

¼ c. fresh parmesan

¼ c. cream or half and half



1. Bring broth to a simmer

2. Add next five ingredients to broth.  Simmer 1 – 2 minutes to infuse flavor.

3. Slowly add grits, stirring as you pour them in. This helps prevent the grits from clumping.                                               

    Simmer about 10 minutes more.

4. Stir in cream.

5. Add cheeses, stirring until combined.


Sounds so good already, right? Now just top with a poached egg, or just eat and say, “Mmmmmmm!”  For more great dishes, Check out our other blogs for outstanding recipes, or check in to Olde Square Inn and I will make them for you!

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