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Creamy Delicious Tomato Soup Recipe
When it get so cold that you can’t get warm, do you ever get that hunger for something hot and filling and scrumptious? Something you can hold in a big warm mug and eat with a spoon?  Me, too, and I love this recipe because it comes together so quickly and can likely be made …
Cookies stacked, showing apricots, craisins, walnuts and pecans
Harvest Cookies Are Perfect For Fall
I’m not on the train that pulls into the Pumpkin Spice station even before the season hits. And pumpkin pie? Not really. I’m good for it once a year as long as it’s covered in whipped cream. What I DO love about fall treats, though, are these Autumn Harvest Cookies. They’re crisp on the outside, …
Sunflowers are Blooming Along These Lancaster County Trails
We’re entering that great time of year when fields of sunflowers are in bloom in Lancaster County! Whether you pick your own, attend a festival, or just buy a bunch at a roadside stand, sunflowers are linked with happiness, warmth, luck, and friendship.  Who doesn’t want that?! Here’s where you can get your sunflower fix …
Black outline of a sketched table setting with the words
May The Forks Be With You: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Your Ewoks
In a galaxy far, far away…  …which may have been in Punxatawney where Pennsylvania’s famous groundhog lives or maybe at the vo-tech school in Brownstown (not sure), my fellow Home Ec. teacher Sam and I were attending some kind of cooking workshop. That was one of the best things about teaching the subject – our …
A cordials glass holds creamy panna cotta topped with chocolate ganache, whipped cream and strawberries
Panna Cotta Recipe – easy and elegant!
You’ll be serving up Panna Cotta in no time with this (really!) easy-to-follow recipe. Our guests are always impressed with this light but luscious dessert, and I love that you can top it with some fruit or a sauce for even more of a wow factor. Panna Cotta is usually poured into ramekins, chilled until …

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