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lightly browned spinache quiche in a pastry crust - overhead view
Most Requested Breakfast Entree – Olde Square Inn’s Signature Quiche
One of our most requested breakfast entrees in our signature Spinach Quiche. What I love about this is that guests SO enjoy it, and it’s SO easy to put together. About a gajillion years and five houses ago, I was paging through my (then new) Betty Crocker Cookbook.  This was in the days before the …
Two stacked key lime pie bars with graham cracker crust and creamy yellow filling from Olde Square iInn.
Tart and Tangy Key Lime Pie Bars Recipe from Olde Square Inn
Don’t you just love that tart, tangy, sweet bite when you have that first luscious taste of a creamy, cool dessert? Me, too! These Key Lime Pie Bars are just the ticket to fill the bill. The bars are easy to make with just a few ingredients and satisfy that craving for something sweet, tart, …
Peaches with whipped cream in a white bowl
Delicious Peach Cobbler Recipe
Can you imagine the mouth-watering surprise of a scrumptious sweet and tangy peach cobbler in the middle of winter? Super easy in a crock pot, the wonderful aroma of this dessert will prompt you to get out the ice cream and grab the whipped cream, too! Use canned peaches in the winter, pull out your …
Posted by: Nancy Skee READY FOR A LITTLE EASY BAKING FOR THE COOLER WEATHER? I love it when the season begins to change and fall brings a crispness to the air. Makes me want to get out some recipes and turn on the oven. These little “apple pies” look like they’d take a lot of work, …
Posted by: Nancy Skee GETTING TOGETHER WITH FAMILY – OR – BAKED FRENCH TOAST RECIPE Just finished a great visit with my sister Jo, brother-in-law Ed, and niece Jenna. Love having them here, not just because they do all my work and I just sit around and eat ice cream, but because I like to …