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A cordials glass holds creamy panna cotta topped with chocolate ganache, whipped cream and strawberries
Panna Cotta Recipe – easy and elegant!
You’ll be serving up Panna Cotta in no time with this (really!) easy-to-follow recipe. Our guests are always impressed with this light but luscious dessert, and I love that you can top it with some fruit or a sauce for even more of a wow factor. Panna Cotta is usually poured into ramekins, chilled until …
Close of of a square of baked oatmeal studded with blueberries in a white Depression Glass bowl and a spoon.
Baked Oatmeal: The Best Part of Waking Up (Besides Coffee)
Baked Oatmeal wasn’t on my List of Deliciousness until I got this recipe from Awesome Tom. Awesome Tom, our B&B fixer-of-all-things, is kind of a Renaissance man. He repairs railings, fixes pipes, sands down doors, gardens, and can create anything out of wood that you might ask for.  He also bakes, cooks, and sews, much …
Creamy white chicken chili in a red mug placed o a red plate. greet background with partial words Lets Cook
White Chicken Chili Recipe
WHITE CHICKEN CHILI RECIPE My friend Lynn is coming over to help me with some renovations at the Inn, and I know we’re going to be hungry after all that hard work. As I always say, the neighborly thing to do is to make something good to eat. I love this recipe because you can …
A stack of chocolate mint cookies stands on a plate next to a glass of cold, white milk. In the backrown is a black apron with
Cookie Wars: And the Winner Is…!
Cookie Wars: And the Winner Is…! Back in the day when I taught Middle School, one of the great events of Parent Night was Cookie Wars. It was a Bake-Off off involving 7th and 8th grade would-be chef finalists. They were to create their signature cookie front of a live audience of adoring family, friends, …
lightly browned spinache quiche in a pastry crust - overhead view
Most Requested Breakfast Entree – Olde Square Inn’s Signature Quiche
One of our most requested breakfast entrees in our signature Spinach Quiche. What I love about this is that guests SO enjoy it, and it’s SO easy to put together. About a gajillion years and five houses ago, I was paging through my (then new) Betty Crocker Cookbook.  This was in the days before the …