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April 4, 2017

The Day I Walked Into The Plate-Glass Window - or - Don't Let Your Thoughts Derail You

Posted by: Nancy Skee

Since I've told most of the continental U.S. and some European nations, you likely already know that Olde Square Inn was named Pennsylvania's Small Business Champion by SCORE.   I'm still in a state of wonder and all happily jacked up thinking about it- it's a big deal with the prizes and the trip to Dallas for training and networking and such.  So anyway, while I was  running errands the other day I happened to be near my favorite sushi restaurant and decided I'd stop in for lunch and celebrate.

I hadn't been to Tokyo Diner in a while and was surprised that they had remodeled the joint - even the entrance was different. I found my way in, the hostess showed me to my table in a new area of the restaurant and I ordered a few of  favorites, which is pretty much anything on the sushi menu. By the way, don't be afraid to go by yourself somewhere to eat; it's a time for you to exhale and look around and regroup and enjoy your meal. It was delicious.

As I got up to leave, my head was swirling with a lot of messages:

  • I'll have to find some cute clothes for Texas.
  • Mmmm...that California Roll was good.
  • Did I have orange juice at home or did I need to get some?
  • I can't wait to go to Sam's Club with my $1,000 gift card.
  • Too bad Samantha was still teaching and couldn't have lunch with me today.
  • Was the Summerfield vacuumed?
  • Ooohh! Look at that unique wall decor!
  • I need to return some phone messages.
  • It's probably time for mulching.
  • I wonder if the lawn mower will start?
  • How do you do Facebook Live?

Blah, blah, blah......
You know how it is when you have a lot on your mind. Every thought wants to be heard. Worse than eighth graders sometimes. Anyway, my thoughts and I are moving hastily toward the exit, eager to get on with the rest of the day, when PLATTTT, I slam myself into the full floor-to-ceiling window which was right next to the real door. Spit marks and smudges on the window and everything. I wish I could have seen myself from the other side.

The hostess is calling from the desk, "You okay?!! You okay!!?" What do you think happened next? Did I:  A.) Fall to the floor, B.) Yell out, "What the crack?! Where's the stupid door?" C.) Pretend I didn't hear and keep moving? I'll tell you in a minute.

In my defense, the actual door which was on the left was one of those with a lot of little window panes across it, making it look like...well, like a window. The window on the right, as I said, was one big clear space. Besides, in this country don't we usually stay to the right when we're walking places? It all added up!

Here's what I learned. When  you get really busy - even in a fun way with things you love - it's easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes lunch out isn't enough time off. My sister just got back from a week-long cruise and said it was just what she needed. She has a lot to deal with handling my mother's estate details. My book club friend Andrea mentioned that she had gone to Florida for the weekend. Who goes to another state for the weekend?!!! Maybe I do.

Maybe you do, too. I'm beginning to  think we have to give ourselves little breaks along the way, and not hang everything a one big, grand vacation we're going to take at some time. Sometimes a few days off is just what you and your thoughts are begging for.

The April weather is turning into something lovely. We can open the windows again. At the Inn we're getting the porch ready to serve breakfast outdoors. The flowers are coming up. I know you are yearning for a mind and body rest, and I would love to help you do that. Enjoy coffee on the balcony, walk to a restaurant down the street, take a guided hike, get a great night's sleep in our soft, buttery sheets...ahhhh! You'll be pretty happy about it and it might prevent you from slamming yourself into big windows.

So what did I do when the hostess called after me? I'm betting a lot of you guessed B, that I yelled, "What the crack! Where's the door?!" Nope! It was C - I just kept moving. I didn't even have enough space in my brain to come up with a good remark. Totally require time off. If that's what you require, too, you can take your mini retreat and click here to make your reservations at the Inn. The entrance is clearly marked, but just to be sure, I'll meet you at the door.



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