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December 20, 2016

See You On the Other Side

Posted by: Nancy Skee

Friday morning, December 16, I hopped on a plane to Indiana to see my Little Hungarian Mother. I, along with my three sisters, were privileged to be with her as she left this world and passed to the other side - just a couple of hours after I arrived. So grateful she held on until all of us could be there.

Watching her go, I can tell you that death is nothing to be afraid of. As we gathered around her, we listened to her favorite Hungarian Christmas carols and told stories about growing up, about what happened yesterday, and about what we had to do next week. You know, just basic chatter, and we had 95 years to talk about.

In the middle of one of the stories her eyes got really wide -  as if in pure awe - and she smiled so big; I am sure that she saw angels coming to greet her. Seeing her face light up before she drew her last breaths was an experience I'll never forget. It made it easier to graciously let go of a lovely life.

Cheers to your beautiful life![/caption]As Father Ben said during My Little Hungarian Mother's service, there is beauty in the completion of a work of art. Mom, tonight we're toasting the work of art that was you. Servos!

PS - If you know anything, you know for sure that she didn't leave without her lipstick!

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