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May 6, 2015

A Priest, an Officer, and a Banker Walk Into an Inn - Main Street Mount Joy

Posted by: Nancy Skee

My friend calls me mid-morning with this announcement: Nancy! I saw you cavorting with some guy this morning. Did you find a special someone?!

Me: No, you weirdo. (And who "cavorts" these days?) That was my guest who was having breakfast on the side porch. We sat and chatted after I did the dishes. Tony was taking a break from his job at the bank and was out for Man Getaway Vacation. He had a blast visiting Mick's All American, Mosby's, Beanies, Bube's, and Waltz Winery. During his Man-cation (I just at that moment coined that term!! Clever, right?!) he got to sing karaoke,  play pool and music trivia, make some great friends, tour the catacombs, go through a vineyard and sample some fabulous wines, cheeses, and chocolates. In addition to having breakfast on the side porch, we sat and chatted over beverages on the balcony last night. Tony's a  personable guy who was here 20 years ago when the Inn was just a baby, and he loves the great people in Mount Joy.

Friend: Oh.

The morning turns to afternoon. Aimee comes over to tell me there is a police officer looking for a turtle in the greenery around the inn. The station was notified about an endangered species trying to cross the road. (There's a joke in there somewhere.) Then -  ring, ring, ring. It's my neighbor calling.

Neighbor: Nancy!!! There's a police officer parked outside the inn and he's looking around the property! Is there something I should know about?!

Me: No. That's Officer Williams. He's looking for that turtle you set free under my trees.

Neighbor: Oh. If he needs to know who discovered the turtle, my name is spelled D-O-N-N-A...

Me: Okay. And Donna? If you see a priest walking up the front steps? Nobody has died or needs  Last Rights. Father Tcheou is coming to bless the Inn.

Neighbor: Hahahahahahahaaaa! That's good then!...Do you know how to spell my last name in case somebody asks?

Me: No. Love you! Talk to you soon.

So Father drives up and gets out of his vehicle. My third grade St.Mary's Catholic School brain was hoping he would have rhinestone crosses on the side of his car, or a priest vestment on the roof, or  at least a clever priest-saying painted on the bumper, but no. He travels incognito, but he is totally awesome anyway.

As I was saying, he gets out of his  car then exchanges pleasantries  with Officer Williams, pets the turtle and we go into the Inn. I give him the 10-cent tour of the joint, and he, like many others, admires the kitchen floor which is an attractive black-and-white checkerboard pattern but picks up dirt like nobody's business. I like to tell people that the floor attracts everything but men and money, but I'm thinking I could be wrong.

As the month of May unfolds, rooms are booking like crazy as people are getting ready for Mother's Day, Memorial Day, the end of school and beautiful, beautiful weather. And didn't three men just walk through those doors today? In fact, I almost called this post "It's Raining Men" because it was raining today, but I felt that would be entirely inappropriate. I think I made the right decision on that.

Anyway, Father blesses the Inn, its operators, and all people who have and who will walk through our doors. I hope that Olde Square Inn can be a renewal to you when you stay with us so you can return to your busy lives refreshed and in good spirits. You don't need to be a priest, an officer, or a banker to visit us. I am so excited to help you make your getaway one full of happy memories, whoever you are.  Looking forward to meeting you soon.



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