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March 2, 2022

Covered Bridges and Sunny Days

Covered Bridges and Sunny Days, Olde Square Inn

I don’t know about you, but with sunny days and spring right around the corner, I have the urge to get out and Be One with Nature.

The only problem is that it’s still kind of chilly and there’s still a chance of snow and I really don’t like being cold. A drive through the countryside could be fun, but I don’t care much for driving aimlessly OR wasting gas There has to be a goal or a destination.

What activity would I advise for my guests?

I know the best places to eat, which awesome shows to see, which tours to take, where to get a glass of wine and music, where to hike and all that. Where, though, would I send a guest who wanted to Be One with Nature and Still Stay Warm?

I had to think about this one a while before remembering one of Lancaster County’s claim to fame: covered bridges! It would be perfect. I could drive to a destination, stop, and get out of the car to look at a bridge, then get back in the car and warm up before the next one. With over two dozen covered bridges in the county I’d be busy for some time.

Covered Bridges and Sunny Days, Olde Square Inn There is a great map originally put out by our Visitor’s Center.

I like this map because it’s divided into section that group clusters of bridges, so it’s easy to plan the day once I decide on which part of town to see first.  On top of that, there are even coordinates for each bridge that I could put in my phone to get me there.  Even I can technologically handle that.

I’m first heading out to Historic Rivertowns and Western Villages, and my goal is to visit each covered bridge, take a picture, and write a story or couplet or haiku or something to mark the event. I’ve got to pack my snacks and get going. I’m burning daylight.  Stay tuned for updates.


Want to start your own Bridges Trail?

Here are the coordinates. Maybe I’ll see you on the road! Covered Bridges and Sunny Days, Olde Square Inn

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