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October 10, 2017

You Want A Room For - What?!

Posted by: Nancy Skee

Halloween decorations are out at Olde Square Inn in Mount joy, PA in beautiful Lancaster County.

We have seven beautiful rooms at the Inn, as I'm sure you know. And, as I'm sure you know, I love helping people choose a room for their stay while they're visiting Lancaster County. Further, if you've read our blogs, you also know that I can get some interesting inquiries from people, usually in the middle of the night. Well, this one happened as I was preparing breakfast.  I was kind of busy. Ring, ring, ring....

Me: It's a great day at Olde Square Inn. This is Nancy. Can I help you?

Guy: Yeah. I'm looking for a place to crash.

Me: Did you try your mom's? (As I said, I was busy!)

Guy: What?

Me: For what day, sir?

Guy: For today. I just want to rent a room for a couple of hours.

Me: Sir, we don't rent rooms by the hour.

Guy:  Oh, wait!  Let me rephrase that! I need a place to sleep and I'll pay for the whole day. Do you have anything for today?

Me:  Yes, sir. I have one room open for this evening. Check-in is from 3 - 6 pm.

Guy: Oh, man! I need a place to sleep like real soon. I just got off my shift. I'm a trucker. Could I check in now and leave at five? I'll pay for the whole day.

Me: (Oh, lordie.) That's not something we usually do, sir. We're cleaning and getting the Inn ready for guests right after check out. We'll probably disturb you.

Guy: No, no! That's okay! I'm a heavy sleeper. My snoring would probably disturb you, haha! I just need a place to crash. How much is your room for the day?

Me:  It's blah, blah, blah dollars, sir.

Guy: WHAT?! That much?!! I was thinking 20 bucks! I just want to crash for a few hours.

Me:  Sir, we're an award-winning bed and breakfast, not a Motel 6. I don't think you'd be able to sleep in their parking lot for 20 bucks.

Guy: Oh. Sorry. I didn't know.

Me: Really? Have a good day, sir. Click.

Never a dull moment, that's for sure. Hoping you have a great day today. And when you're ready to make your escape and enjoy a few days away, I would be thrilled to help you choose your room. I promise no one will be snoring down the hall in the middle of the day. Happy October - see you soon!

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