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October 11, 2016

The Day I Didn't Really Do Anything

Posted by: Nancy Skee

Monday is the day I usually like to write my blog. I gather the thoughts that I've had all week and try to compose them into something coherent. But here's the thing. I didn't do it.

We had a great week with so many fun guests and a completely full weekend where I got to make a lot of breakfast for a lot of people, which is one of my very favorite things to do. After everyone had to go, we cleaned up a lot of rooms, another thing I like because I love looking around my own house. (I  just really like where I live - makes me happy.) When everything was finished Sunday afternoon, the kids and grandkids came over and we played trains and played with the skeleton dog and played Yahztee and ate pizza and hung out, which also makes me happy.

[caption id="attachment_6589" align="alignright" width="182"] Some days you just don't feel like doing anything.[/caption]Anyway, by the end of it, I was really tired and didn't wake up Monday morning until 7:11. Pretty late for me but secretly fun, and with a clear schedule I felt as if I were playing hookey. I put on my fuzzy bathrobe and made some coffee and ate some of those tiny chocolate covered donuts that you get in a bag for $1.99 and decided that I didn't feel like doing anything that day.

I read the paper, folded some laundry, unloaded the dishwasher and had some more coffee and tiny donuts. By 11:00 (I know, you're thinking the same thing I did: when you wake up mid-morning and the productive part of the day is about over, what's the point? Who cares. I was't doing anything anyway, right?) I decided I'd take a drive a half hour out to Mother Tucker's Antiques and see if I could score some Depression Glass plates. I just walked around the joint like I had all day and found some good stuff, then drove home thinking I'd have a few more of those donuts and another cup of coffee.

Before going home I stopped at the library and picked up some books so I could lay around and read since I was planning on just lying around anyway. But by then it was about dinnertime, and I threw some ingredients in a pan for fajitas and called Aimee over. We hung out and had dinner and watched the news and some reruns of Big Bang Theory. It was pretty relaxing, and all the work was waiting in the wings but I didn't really care because I had decided early it was going to be a vacation day.

That is why you get no blog today that will tell you about the Top Ten Things To Do In Lancaster County This Weekend, or a story about How To Conquer Your Fears, or even The Best Recipe You Could Ever Make For Anyone. I took the day off and didn't do anything except indulge myself, and I do thank you for taking the hit.

Here's what I finally know. Just like you, I can work a lot and keep going and truly enjoy it, then suddenly it seems that I'm slowing down, or getting mad at everyone for no reason, or making bad decisions, or complaining about things I otherwise like to do.

Finally I know that it's time for me to give myself some time off. You need to do that, too, even if you're a mom with kids who won't even let you go to the bathroom by yourself, or the dad whose job takes him away early in the day to return spent at night, or the teacher or office worker or barista or banker or whomever, whose efforts help to make a safe and happy place for someone else.

Allow yourself to schedule a break. It's not selfish, but a very good recharge for you so you can continue to do the things you love and to take care of the people you love. Nobody likes a martyr, truly. The work will be there tomorrow, and you know that when you're recharged you can be happy about the kids in the bathroom with you and the work and every other thing you have to tackle.

I had a great time not doing anything, everyone seems okay, and I felt pretty happy about not meeting any demands that day . Now here's your call to non-action: take a break, even if it's a short one. Everyone needs a little time off, including you. Go for it!


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