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April 8, 2019

Six of My Favorite Stands at Lancaster Central Market

Posted by: Nancy Skee

Six of My Favorite Stands at Lancaster Central Market

Lancaster Central Market is an awesome place to visit, and it' bustling every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Since I no longer  have to be in Middle School doing lunch duty or grading papers on a weekday, I took advantage of stopping in to check out a few of my favorite  stands at Central Market in Lancaster. Here are 6 of my "have-to-stop-there"s.  (BTW, I always ask before taking a picture!)

1. First stop you must make is to Stoltzfus Home Style Bakery to get an Achenbach's long john. They are a rich, doughy, delicious type of donut slathered with  vanilla, peanut butter or chocolate buttercream that you just want to lick off as you're walking through market.  Here's my tip: get your coffee before the donut, because you will have snarfed it down before you make to the coffee stand.

Amish stand featuring baked goodsMe enjoying an Achenbach's long john

2. After securing your Achenbach's, head out to the goat cheese guy at Linden Dale Farms. If you love chevre, you will find this excellent.  Yes, they give samples!

Linden Dale Farm stand at Central Market

3. & 4. Then mosey on over to Meck's Fruits and Vegetables for the freshest, most delicious produce around.  While you're in the vicinity, hit up The Herb Shop for loose teas, herbs, pastas, sauces and other seductive items to go along with the fresh produce you can have with your dinner.

Meck's produce at Central MarketTheHerb Shoppe at Central Market

5. & 6. I can't leave market without seeing the candy lady at They have a lot of those things we used to have as kids - like Whistle Pops, candy records, chickens that lay gumballs, and a lot of  jars of other fun stuff. On my way out of the building I like to grab a few fresh flowers at Inspirational Blooms.  Nice to have something to look at after I've eaten all my other purchases.

The Candy Stand at Central MarketInspirational Blossoms at Central Market Lancaster

 I love going to Central Market - a lot of memories of good times. When my family comes from Indiana and Arizona to visit, that's one of the places we can't miss.  Next time you're here at the Inn, hit up Central Market if you have a chance.  Can't wait to here what your favorite stands will be!

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