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February 28, 2017

Quick and Easy Stromboli - Check the Video!

Posted by: Nancy Skee

I taught Family and Consumer Science - Home Ec - the last eight years of my stint as a teacher. One of my favorite demonstrations and things to make with the kids was this stromboli.

I would demonstrate it on day one, and then they'd get together in their cooking groups of three or four and assign jobs. Each person took a turn as the dishwasher, the dish dryer, the cleaner and the getter. The getter was the person who had to correctly measure out all the ingredients "with the quickness" so the team would have enough time to create the dish. On day two, they would assemble, and his was an easy assembly. They had fun.

Day three was the best because we'd bake off the strombolis and everybody was happy to sit with their teams and enjoy their creations. They had to correctly set the table and we always had drinks (usually Kool Aid, of all things!)to go it. Good times!

Create some good times in your home. Pour yourself a glass of Kool Aid, set the table and enjoy your stromboli!

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