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September 13, 2016

Left Behind - The Last 20 Things Guests Didn't Take

Posted by: Nancy Skee

Left Behind - The Last 20 Things Guests Didn't Take

Back when I was in high school, I read a book called something like Backstairs At The Whitehouse, a memoir of a woman who had worked 30 years behind the scenes. I rememberer being pretty fascinated by the "secrets" she shared and feeling as if I had some privileged information. It's with that same sense of privilege that I will allow you to enter the Closet of Forgotten Items.

Yes, we really do have a space like that, full of things we've retrieved after our guests have left for their journeys home. Sometimes a guest will contact us and we'll send the item back. Sometimes we can contact the owner right away and she can do a big u-turn to get the iPad that was left on the end of the bed. Some things go right into the trash. Some things hang around for a while because we get no answer about ownership, and eventually those goods are donated to a thrift shop or shipped to the Island of Misfit Toys or whatever.

So, in no particular order, here are the last 20 items that were Left Behind.

  1. A  SWELL water bottle (nice)
  2. A black Coach bag (also nice)
  3. Men's swim trunks and shirt
  4. Red boxers
  5. Pair of blue strappy sandals (cute)
  6. Men's Penn State Jacket
  7. One black Dansko shoe
  8. Pair of gold earrings
  9. Nice gold necklace
  10. Baseball cap, gray
  11. Half a crab cake and meatballs
  12. Personal massage device
  13. Big sweatshirt that smelled bad
  14. Phone charger
  15. Large pink brassiere
  16. Potpourri in a decorative bag
  17. Scented gift soap
  18. Bag of fruit
  19. One balled-up gray sock
  20. Half bottle of rum (I think)

You might have a pretty fair guess about which things found homes and which things did not Pass Go. As I was going through the list I was thinking that maybe with the rest of the valuables I could open a store on eBay for some extra income. How entrepreneurial! Nah, you're right. Maybe not.

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