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April 25, 2017

Day 2 Countdown - Super Fun SCORE Itinerary

Posted by: Nancy Skee

Remember when you were little and it was Christmas Eve and you could hardly sleep, tossing and turning, just waiting until you could get up and see what Santa brought? That's how I'm feeling about this gift for the American Small Business Championship that SCORE is putting under my tree - all expenses paid:

  • $1,000 gift card sponsored by Sam's Club
  • Round-trip flight to Dallas, Texas
  • $120 check for travel expenses
  • Two night's stay at the amazingly beautiful Joule Hotel
  • Meals, including dinner at the local hot spot, The Iron Cactus
  • A day filled with seminars hosted by great business leaders
  • A dedicated year of SCORE mentoring to help me make your experience at Olde Square Inn top of the line

I know!! Can you hardly stand it?! Here is our itinerary for our meeting day

8-9:00           Registrations and Networking Breakfast (Networking!! How fun!)
9-9:20           Welcome by Resa Kierstein, SCORE VP
9:20-10:50    Secrets of Top Performers
10:50-11:00  Networking Break
11-11:50         Effective Communication
11:50-12:50   Networking Lunch
12:50-1:50     Social Media
1:50-2:35       Art of Writing a Business Plan (I see that Popcorn Shop in the future!)
2:35-2:45      Networking Break
2:45-3:30      Media Pitching
3:30-4:00     Closing and Gift Card Distribution (Sam's Club!!)
4:00-5:50     Break
6-8:00           Dinner at Iron Cactus

I can hardly believe that it's almost here, and that tomorrow I'll be jetting my way to this great event. If you're going to be visiting the Inn during my jaunt, not to worry. Assistant Innkeeper Joan will be here to greet you and get you settled in and I'll see you in the morning. Two more things I want to tell you.

One - This could be you! Next year your small business could be the recipient of this award, or by this time next year you could have begun your small business. Tell your friends and family about the help that is available to them and check out SCORE's site. Did you know that last year they helped to launch over 54,000 businesses? The help is free, my friends. Not starting a business? Volunteer. They can always use your expertise.

Two - The beautiful month of May is right around the corner and we'll be opening the pool soon. The back gardens are blooming like crazy and are already lush with colors and greenery. The breezy curtains are up on the side porch where we're happy about serving breakfast. The fountain out front is uncovered and ready to go.

For those of you who have been here, you know the Inn is a special place to relax and reconnect with one another, is central for seeing the sites in our breath-taking Lancaster County, and is a stunning spot for weddings and elopements. For those of you yet to visit, come on out and see what the buzz is all about. Make your reservations now for your summer getaway. I can't wait to see you!!


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