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January 8, 2019


Posted by: Nancy Skee

Just the usual fun around the Inn…It’s all in a day’s work, right?

You know how that goes – all in a day’s work. It’s those circumstances or habits that are normal to you in your daily life, but seem just a little off to someone else.
  1. Like the jar of dinosaurs I keep on my kitchen counter (for the babies),
  2. or my daughter saying, “I gotta get hooked up tonight!” (as a former dialysis patient),
  3. or the cat’s tail catching fire once a month (I finally moved the candle),
  4. or even powdering your goat. (That’s a real thing – they put baby powder on prize goats at the PA Farm Show to make the animals’ coats look fresh and white. Who knew.)
You probably have lots of natural oddities famous in your household, too. I think it’s one of those things that makes a family a family, don’t you? Anyway, as I de-deck the halls after Christmas, I like to think about our family and guests and the time we spent together over the holidays. One year when I was cleaning up after our Christmas gathering, I was straightening our Manger and couldn’t find Baby Jesus. Now, our family babies like to play with Mary and Joseph and Jesus and the animals, and I like that they do. In fact, our babies love to play with anything – which tickles me to no end. I’ve seen Parker line up rocks, telling me they’re having a parade, and Easton making his gummy worm crawl all over the kitchen before finally consuming it (yuck). This holiday, Parker thought the dinosaurs were hungry and marched them out to eat the gingerbread house. My guess, however, for the whereabouts for Baby Jesus after that party was…no idea…If the kids were playing with Him, He could be anywhere. I kind of gave up the search after a bit, thinking I’d find Him somewhere along the clean up, and I was right. I was just about to throw out some Christmas Eve snacks when I did a “Where’s Waldo?” and found Baby Jesus right there in the middle of the Fritos. Can you see him in there? Barely! It was a Christmas Miracle. I can’t even imagine what storyline the kids had when they let Him play in the bowl. Before I throw out any snacks these days, I’m always double checking and looking out for Our Lord. All in a day’s work.

We had a Christmas Miracle this year, too.

Whichever day we celebrate as a family, whether it’s Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I shut down the Inn so we can have some uninterrupted time together. That day is set aside for my kids, grandkids and other family and closed to everyone else. So there we are. It’s Christmas Eve. We’re sitting amidst the wrapping paper, cookies, and Fritos enjoying a quiet family gathering when the phone rings. (Why’d I answer it during family time? Just compelled, I guess.) Ring, ring, ring! Me: It’s a great day at Olde Square Inn. Merry Christmas, this is Nancy. Can I help you? Caller: Nancy! It’s Father! I’m in a bad spot here! (Baby in the background yelling, “Nooooo!!! Thithy, thtop it! That’th mine!! Give it baaaack! Thtop!!) Me:  Hi, Padre…Um…Bad spot?…Hmmmm….What can I do for you? Father T: Arrrhhh! The rectory’s in the crapper – literally – pardon my French!The plumbing’s backed up and they can’t fix it until Wednesday! (Another baby yelling, “Nooo, Pahkah! I want to pway wi’ dat! I get it now!”) Me:  ??!! Oh, shoot! How can I help you? Father T: I need a place to stay. (Someone else shouting, “Who wants dessert?! Anybody want anything to eat? How about a drink? There’s eggnog!) Me: Okay, When? (Another person calling out, “Are there any more rolls? Where’s the Hennessy? Where’s the egg nog?!) Father T:Tonight. Christmas Eve. Do you have any room at the Inn? (Baby in the background, “Nana, who ith that?!) Me: …. So you’ll never guess the ending, I’m sure. Of course we were not closed!! As Grahm said after I told the family about the call, “Like you’re really going to tell a priest on Christmas Eve that there’s no room at the Inn?!” No way! Not on my watch. There was room at the Inn on Christmas Eve. It was a miracle. It will also be a miracle if I get the rest of the Christmas trees down and the glittery stuff off the floors and furniture before the Easter basket grass takes over. Just a few more boxes to put away. It’s all in a day’s work, and I wouldn’t want to be working it anywhere else. Happy New Year! Enjoy wherever your work takes you today.

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