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January 3, 2019

7 Things To Do in January in Lancaster County

Posted by: Nancy Skee

7 Things To Do in January in Lancaster County

Looking for something to do now that the holidays are over?  

Kids are back at school. You've done Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, shopping, eating, visiting - and a bunch of other stuff. Sometimes it's a relief and sometimes it's a let down.

Whether you're saying, "It's over! Now I can relax," or "It's over! Now what?" you'll likely find a several events on this list to make your January just what you need.

1. Pennsylvania Farm Show January 5 - 12.  Who doesn't want to see heroes sculpted in butter? This is the event locals wait for every year. Walk the arena, pet the animals, watch a show, eat some food, find some treasures. Traditionally, it snows every Farm Show, but with predicted temps of 50 degrees, I predict it's not going to happen.  Click here for your downloadable Visitor's Guide. Free admission but bring $$.

2. Fireside Tastings  Saturdays and Sundays through February 3, relax in front of a warm fire at Nissley Vineyards while you sample six wines and enjoy light snacks. $5.00.

3. Dancing With the Stars Live You'll probably see my sister Jo and niece Jenna here since they're both dance teachers and they love this kind of things. Their car will be the one with the Indiana plates in the parking lot of the American Music Theater on January 22. Ticket $ vary.

4. Chicago at the Fulton Well, this will certainly Razzle Dazzle you, haha. Wouldn't it be fun to take in a show and have dinner at one of the great restaurants in downtown Lancaster? You might see Aimee and me at this one. January 22 though February. Prices start at $32. Here's a tip: Don't choose the 3rd tier Gallery seats. Very uncomfortable.

5. Festival of the Arts January 25 and 26. This is in my own neighborhood! Main Street Mount Joy is hosting this first-time event downtown and featuring various artists and media. Our own local artist Sheri from Room with a View is helping to organize the event. And hey, stop in at Grandiew Vineyard and help them celebrate their 6th birthday. Book your room at the Inn and make it a total weekend.

6. "What's the penguin doing on the telly?" If you know what that's all about, you'll be excited to learn that Monty Python's Spamalot will be at the Hershey Theater January 29 to February 3 - killer rabbits and all. Tickets start at $22.15. If you don't care what the penguin's doing on the telly, go see Elvis at the AMT January 26.

7. National Winter Trails Day Do you love being outside? In honor of National Winter Trails Day (January 5) schedule a hike or outdoor activity led by one of the naturalists and a Lancaster County Park. Who knew you could have so much fun for $2.00?


Those are a lot of fun things, right? And if that doesn't do it for you, try this: 

Start one of these book series - my all time fa-vo-rites!

1.) Outlander by Diane Gaboldon. There are eight books, and You might know the first one from the Starz movies on TV. The show is good, but the books are outstanding.

2. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. This series has three books, and yes, you may have seen the Starz version of this one, too.  The book is always better.


What are your January Things To Do?  Fill me in - I'd love to add it to my list.

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